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Predictions for 2018 in the realestate market

My # 1 question, I get all the time is: "Where is the market going?" If I could answer this with 100% certainty, I wouldn't be selling real estate. But since I do not have a cristal bowl, I can only look at the market, use statistics and look at the trend in our local market. The real estate market is always local, very local, depending on schools, jobs and the state of the economy. In our area, especially Chester County the market is on a solid upward trend since 2012. It is still going up. we have lots of buyers in the market, actually 6% more buyers in the market than last year at the same time. Why is this? Looming interest rates? People still want to lock in at these historic low interest rates. people are feeling positive about the economy. Anbd then of course Chester County is one of the most beautiful places to live in the US. What kind of market are we in? sellers of buyers market. We are still in a slight sellers market. not enough properties are on t