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How to pick the right Realtor

Most buyers and sellers think that every realtor provides the same service and out come. Nothing could be more from the truth. The only thing realtors have in common is a license. Even though if you deal with a realtor , they have to belong to the national association of realtor with a local chapter, and they obey by the ethics of that association. So you get more than just a real estate agent. So how do you choose one? What are desired skills? 85% of buyers and homeowners agree that negotiation skills are their number one priority. Interestingly enough a lot of clients try to pick an agent who works for the lowest commission and can be bullied the most into listing a home for the highest price. I am not sure how these negotiation skills will be beneficial for the negotiations on the home sale and the conditions of the home sale. How to pick a listing agent: Let’s focus on sellers for a bit who are right now in a sweet spot. Most markets in our area are seller’s markets. Multip